The Service Science Society of Taiwan (S3TW) was founded in January 2011 with the mission: to develop domestic service-science communities; to consolidate the capacities of government, industry and academia; to promote foundational work in service sciences and service innovation; and to advance social welfare and sustainable development. Major tasks include combining government, industry, and academic resources to advance interdisciplinary research, develop talent, and improve on industry innovation and policies.

Steered by a group of experienced and motivated professionals and scholars with generously supported from the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation and the iSee Taiwan Foundation, S3TW has regularly held various service-science-related events including the International Conference on Service Science and Innovation (ICSSI), Forum on Service Science Research (FSSR), Taiwan Service Science Thesis/Dissertation Awards, the GLOBAL Exquisite Service Discovery (GESD) project, the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) project, and industry-academia collaborative projects. The common goal is to extend its impact on society, and to create a globally competitive service sector that help move our communities into a prosperous and sustainable future.

Event News

18 2024.6

【Event Report】2024 Service Science Society Alliance of Southern District Teacher Exchange Activities


2 2024.2

【Call for paper】International Conference on Service Science and Innovation, ICSSI 2024


23 2024.1

【Event Report】2023 Forum on Service Science Research – Innovative Intelligent & Sustainable Service


19 2024.1

【Event Report】S3TW Southern District Alliance held enterprise visiting - Railway Tech Center


4 2024.1

【Event Report】S3TW Central District Alliance holds “Love in Clarity - Design Thinking Workshop”


10 2023.11

【Event News】The Practice of Sustainability: A Workshop on Opening an Account of Influence


28 2023.9

【Event News】Successful International Exchange Between S3TW and SfS at ICServ 2023


6 2023.2

【Event News】Service Science Society of Taiwan Central District Alliance