S3TW Academic Research Awards (Doctoral and Graduate Thesis Awards and EMBA Graduate Thesis Awards)

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S3TW sponsored the establishment of the S3TW Academic Research Awards through the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation; this has become a one of the most iconic awards for related research fields in Taiwan.

Academic theses chosen by the “S3TW Academic Research Awards: Doctoral and Graduate Thesis Awards” encompass people-oriented graduate theses in the field of service science which focus on user-centered value generation associated with topics such as “service management and innovation,” “service culture and society,” “service designs and systems,” “service information systems and management,” or “service engineering systems and applications.” In recent years, award-winning papers have gradually expanded from traditional management fields like corporate management and information management to diverse fields such as politics, electrical engineering, and design, displaying the cross-disciplinary spirit of service science and reflecting the far-reaching influence of these awards on service science research and establishment of academic networks.

More than 180 recipients received the Academic Thesis Awards from 2008 to 2020. In 2017, we added the EMBA Graduate Thesis Awards for theses relating to case studies on enterprises and academic-industry collaborations, or analyses and surveys relating to practical industrial issues.