What is Service Science

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"Service Science" is a complex service system that initiates from people’s needs and creates values with integration of cross-disciplinary expertise such as management, engineering, design and other scientific methods to promote the sustainable development of the system.

Service Science can help

Cross-Disciplinary Co-Creation

Service values are jointly created through interactions between consumers and service providers. Service science uses methodologies and tools, and is service-oriented and customer-centered, allowing different disciplines to interact, thereby promoting interaction and collaboration from multiple aspects.

Corporate Innovation

Service science helps corporations understand themselves, gain insight into customer needs, and make sense of customer emotions while integrating smart technology, humanistic care, and business models to carry out cross-disciplinary innovation and optimization from a holistic and systematic perspective, thereby assisting companies in finding new business opportunities and creating new business models.

Social Innovation

Service science facilitates connections between stakeholders in different fields, enhances awareness of social development, implements co-creation plans, and promotes local development using “cross-disciplinary” and “co-creation” which can be converted into service energies for the local community, thereby forming a service ecosystem for sustainable development.