International Conference on Service Science and Innovation (ICSSI)

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ICSSI, one of the most important global conferences that discusses service science issues, was launched in 2009. The conference has been hosted in Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai in the past. Starting in 2011, S3TW has hosted the conference in tandem with a number of colleges and universities, including National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Sun Yat-sen University, National Tsing Hua University, Yuan Ze University, and Asia University, who take it in turns to serve as co-organizer. We invited many domestic and overseas service science experts to participate in discussions and exchanges.

Over the years, ICSSI themes have reflected trends in prospective and international research. The themes were “Service Science for Sustainable Service Innovation” in 2013, “Big Data Applications in Service Innovations” in 2014, “Service Science and Innovations for the Future” in 2016, “Service+” in 2018, and “Service Science in the Era of Digital Transformation” in 2020.