Forum on Service Science Research (FSSR)

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FSSR serves as a S3TW forum for domestic academic exchanges between researchers and establishment of academic social networks to promote understanding of and participation in service science by universities and enterprises, encourage service science research, and enhance domestic standards of service science research. FSSR began recommending submitted papers to TSSCI journals (including the Journal of Information Management, the Sun Yat-sen Management Review, and the Journal of E-Business) in 2014, making this one of the most renowned domestic service science seminars.

Over the years, FSSR themes have reflected research narratives in service science. Recent themes include “Intelligent Service and Innovation” in 2017, “Prospective Service and Innovation” in 2018, “Innovative Service in the Smart Technology Era” in 2019, and “A Decade to Grind a Sword: Cross-Disciplinary Design Thinking Paired with Smart Technology” in 2020.

Past co-organizers have included National Taiwan University, National Chung Hsing University, National Taipei University of Business, National Chiayi University, and National Kaohsiung Normal University.