【Event Report】2023 Forum on Service Science Research – Innovative Intelligent & Sustainable Service

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National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology and Service Science Society of Taiwan jointly organized the "13th Service Science Research Forum (2023 FSSR), which was held on September 1 and September 2.

Due to the typhoon, the activity was changed to online management on September 1, and was maintained in the entity of the First Campus of Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology on September 2. 

The main theme of the event is "Innovative Intelligent and Sustainable Service", including service science, innovative application, green sustainability and other oriented paper call for publication, special lectures and workshops, including paper call for publication.


The forum received a total of 82 papers (44 contributors), which means it is the most enthusiastic FSSR submission year. In the end, 46 papers and 11 poster papers were selected by the committee, and a total of eight sessions were held, and two special speeches were held, attracting nearly 100 guests interested in service science from all over the country to attend. In addition, in order to encourage domestic academic researchers to engage in service science-related research, the Service Science Society of Taiwan has specially set up the best paper award.

With the rapid change of emerging digital technology, how to quickly grasp the trend and put forward innovative solutions is crucial. While technology and services continue to progress, people should also pay more attention to the issue of environmental sustainability. The seminar specially invited Hsiu-Hua Hu, Vice president of Jinan University and Yu-Min Peng former Vice dean of Industrial Research Institute, to share the topic of sustainability. Arouse the public's attention to green and sustainable development and promote sustainable social development.

In order to expand the concept of service science, a special workshop on "Sustainable Food Generation" was held this year. Professor Jiunn-Woei Lian from National Taichung University of Science and Technology was invited to lead the participants to think about solutions to problems through service science methods and cultivate individual innovative thinking ability. In order to enhance academic and industrial exchanges, this event invited a number of industry elites and the Director of Kaohsiung Government Youth Bureau to share practical experience, improve the understanding of the current situation of the industry, reduce the gap between the aspiring young people and the industry, and hope to stimulate more innovative and entrepreneurial ideas through service scientific methods and models in the future, and contribute to the Taiwan industry.

Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology and Taiwan Service Science Association look forward to sharing the concept and value of service science to the public through this symposium, creating a new pattern of service science, and writing a new page in the history of service science.


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