【Event Report】S3TW Southern District Alliance held enterprise visiting - Railway Tech Center

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The Taiwan Service Science Society and the EIRC of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology jointly organized a visit to technology companies to gain an in-depth understanding of Taiwan's technology development. The event reveals the future direction of science and technology to participants in the Technology Center of Railway Co., Ltd. and Jinher Information.

During the visit to the Railway Technology Center, participants gained an in-depth understanding of the high-speed rail system manufacturing process, including chip manufacturing and assembly.

Intelligent applications and security aroused great excitement among participants, especially the degraded operation mode of the voting system and the innovative application of large RFID response papers.

This highlights the key role of science and technology in ensuring the safety of train operations and emphasizes the importance of service science in modern society.


In the afternoon, we transferred to Jinher Information Co., Ltd. to focus on robotics technology. The multi-functional application of robots in the catering industry aroused the enthusiasm of participants, showing amazing work performance from taking seats, delivering food, and singing to cooking. The innovation of automated ordering services has led Jinher Information to be known as "TSMC in the catering industry." Participants were deeply impressed by the in-depth visit to robotics, especially their in-depth understanding of the prospects for automated food service.


This event strengthened the cooperation between the Southern District Alliance and research centers to draw a richer blueprint for the future of Taiwan's technology industry. 20 guests from academia and industry participated, pushing the development of science and technology in Taiwan to a higher level. This corporate visit is an opportunity to step into the forefront of technology. Through in-depth experience and exchanges, participants stand at the pinnacle of technology and gain a glimpse of the future development direction of Taiwan's technology industry. This kind of cross-border cooperation and exchange will drive Taiwan's technology industry further in the future.