【Event Report】S3TW Central District Alliance holds “Love in Clarity - Design Thinking Workshop”

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S3TW Central District Alliance holds “Love in Clarity - Design Thinking Workshop” to investigate the topic of “the right of persons with disabilities to work” from the view of service science at Nov. 25

The collaborative initiative between the Service Science Society of Taiwan Central District Alliance and the Graduate Institute of Technology Management at National Chung Hsing University concluded successfully on November 25, 2023, with the completion of the 'Love in Clarity - Design Thinking Workshop.' Professor Fei-fei Cheng, leading from the Graduate Institute of Technology Management, spearheaded this event. Collaborating with the Maria Social Welfare Foundation's 'Ma-li MAMA Cleaning Experts Team Rock Team', the workshop aimed to guide students, professionals, and industry representatives in utilizing design thinking tools with empathetic insight to delve into core issues and address challenges encountered by sheltered employees and technical aides within the Ma-li MAMA Cleaning Experts Team Rock Team.
Figure 1. Group Photo                                                                            Figure 2. Certificate of Appreciation

The primary objective of the Ma-li MAMA Cleaning Experts Team is to procure more resources and ensure greater protection for the employment rights of individuals with disabilities. Through routine cleaning tasks and occasional household projects, they incrementally mentor sheltered youth toward self-reliance, effecting transformative changes in their lives. The principal collaborating entity, the 'Rock Team,' comprises 18 formal sheltered employees, 4 sheltered apprentices, and several vocational rehabilitation professionals. Their daily responsibilities encompass providing tailored guidance and diverse support, practical tasks involving mobile cleaning and on-site services, operating in compliance with governmental regulations, involving sheltered employees in volunteer work to aid the underprivileged, and advocating for the rights of individuals with disabilities. Despite their commendable endeavors, they face diverse challenges. These include heightening societal awareness about people with disabilities, establishing conducive work environments conducive to the learning and growth of sheltered employees, addressing financial perspectives and work motivations, and delineating clear demarcations between personal and professional spheres during work hours. The 'Love in Clarity - Design Thinking Workshop' was organized to tackle these challenges by engaging students, professionals, and industry experts to collaborate, employing innovative interdisciplinary methodologies to devise solutions, foster civic participation, and amplify public awareness regarding the employment rights of individuals with disabilities.
Figure 3. Introduction to the 'Rock Team'                                           Figure 4. Interview

There were over 30 people participated in this workshop, including students from National Chung Hsing University and National Tsing Hua University, as well as professionals from industries such as finance, food, technology, and social welfare organizations.

To enhance participants' grasp of the subject matter, the workshop commenced with Professor Fei-fei Cheng introducing the fundamentals of design thinking in the morning session. This was followed by presentations from Xiao-xuan Song, the team leader of the Maria Mom Cleaning Experts Team, and Ming-zhen Yang, a technical aide, who provided an overview of the Rock Team's daily operations and outlined the pertinent issues. Subsequently, participants engaged in expert interviews to probe deeper into the central problems associated with the discussed issues. In the afternoon, the workshop followed the structured framework of design thinking, consolidating the insights gathered from the morning interviews into specific requirements. Subsequent to identifying these needs, participants engaged in brainstorming sessions to devise innovative ideas addressing the identified requirements. Finally, these imaginative concepts were refined into practical and implementable solutions. Towards the conclusion of the workshop, each group presented their outcomes, receiving constructive feedback from Xiao-xuan Song, the team leader, and Ming-zhen Yang, the technical aide.
Figure 5. Generating creative ideas                                                              Figure 6. Generating creative ideas

This workshop stands not only as a gathering of collective wisdom but also symbolizes society's commitment and concern towards the employment rights of individuals with disabilities. With the interdisciplinary engagement of experts, industry representatives, and students from various backgrounds, this workshop signifies not an end but rather the inception of a journey towards a society that is more inclusive, understanding, and empathetic. Anticipating that the solutions nurtured during this workshop will usher in a new chapter for the employment rights discourse of individuals with disabilities, serving as a catalyst for broader societal engagement. Gratitude extends to each participant for their dedication and involvement, contributing to expanding the possibilities and hope for this cause. Let us join hands as we stride towards a future characterized by greater inclusivity and respect for all.
         Figure 7. Presentation                                                                                   Figure 8. Expert Feedback