【Event News】Service Science Society of Taiwan Central District Alliance

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Service Science Society of Taiwan Central District Alliance holds Cheng Feng “Poor” Langworkshop event to investigate the topic of “Escaping Poverty” from the view of Service Science at Dec. 18

1.Cheng Feng “Poor” Langworkshop event introduction

The Cheng Feng “Poor” Langworkshop event held by Service Science Society of Taiwan Central District Alliance, National Chung Hsing University Intelligent Technology Management and Social Affairs Bureau Taichung City Government started at 2022/12/18 Sunday in NCHU management department.  This is the first workshop event to cooperate with Social Affairs Bureau Taichung City Government, discovering the core of people oriented through design thinking, and dove into the topic of “Escaping Poverty”.  This workshop event invited Fei-Fei Cheng to be the instructor, who is also the design thinking instructor of multiple companies, the chairman of Service Science Society of Taiwan Central District Alliance, and the professor of NCHU Intelligent Technology Management.  Also invited the graduate students, who were trained with systematize training and design thinking, as the counselor who offered assistance during the workshop.

Figure 1. Event Begins      

Figure 2. Professor Cheng Opening

This workshop event received 68 novices from industries and NCHU.  After filtering the applicants, 30 novices arrived and took part in the event, including students from department of management, technology, liberal art, EMBA and Tung Hai University.  Professionals from manufacturing industries, education industries also attended to this workshop event.

Figure 3. Group Photo    

 Figure 4. Certificate of Appreciation

Due to government not being able to solve poverty among civilians, 3 different welfare policies were applied to Taichung City.  Social Affairs Bureau Taichung City Government offered 韌力家庭陪伴計畫 to near-poverty-family, providing employment method and vocational training etc..  Also offered 自立家庭築夢踏實計畫 for families suffering from poverty, which helps them escape from poverty by accumulating asset, teaching investing knowledge and help them find jobs to earn money on their own.  In order to make children suffering from poverty to stop the poverty cycle, government provided a project named “Children Future Education and Development Account” to help children take high school education, vocational training, start their own business and other opportunities to develop fortune on their own.

During the workshop, Prof. Cheng introduced 4 steps of designing thinking through Double Diamond model which is invented by British Design Council.  Four steps including Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.  Since the topic of this workshop is the more difficult than before, Prof. Cheng and counselors interviewed with social workers and sorted the data, which later discussed with the director of Social Assistance Department and teachers who had experience in counseling to define key issues.  Novices of the workshop designed creative solution by using systematic service science tool.  By completing Double Diamond Model, the workshop raises talented person to provide creative elements for modern enterprises and society.  Achieving the spirit of Service Science Society of Taiwan’s “Rasing Talents”.
5.pngFigure 5. Prof. Cheng sharing examples  

Figure 6. Novices sharing ideas             

Figure 7. Counselor introducing “Creative Gold Brain”


Figure 8. Illustrating Persona   


Figure 9. Counselor introducing group issues   


Figure 10. Group 7 prototype reveal

4. Epilogue

      This is a successful workshop, thanks to the novices’ participation.  Prof. Cheng guided novices with the basic of Double Diamond Model and real case example to let novices learn to think from target audiences’ point of view.  After participating in this workshop, novices now have deeper acknowledge in design thinking.  This event not only make novices from different areas to learn and cooperate with each other, also teaching them the importance of seeing things from others point of view.  This workshop introduces a brand new way of thinking to Social Assistance Department, with solutions generated from systematic tools, we offered a little more help to help others escaping poverty!

      Service Science Society of Taiwan dedicated to combine the energy of industries, schools, government and researchers.  Pushing the idea of “Service Science and Service Innovation” to help industries achieve sustainable development and to help society achieve happiness.  We believe this Cheng Feng “Poor” Langworkshop have successfully gathered talents from industries and schools not only to generate ideas but also foster talents.  We expect more future events to go further in promoting the idea of design thinking and thinking out of the box!

Figure 11. Group 7 Prototype     Figure 12. Chief’s feedback

Figure 12. Chief’s feedback