【Event News】Southern District Alliance held "Smart Technology, Flipping Life-Industry Visit of Taiwa

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        On December 9, 2022, the Southern District Alliance of Service Science Society of Taiwan and the Center for Enterprise Integration Research of the School of Management of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology jointly organized the "2022 Cross-border Exchange Visit of Industry and University", which was held in Tainan " Taiwan CAR Lab". The main axis of the visit is "Service Science can help+ Smart Technology Flips Life", so as to understand how smart technology can change your life and create a safer and more convenient life experience for people. This concept echoes the spirit of "value practice" that the Service Science Society has been promoting for a long time.

        The visit was led by Professor Chou Tunghsiang, Convenor of Southern Alliance of Service Science Society of Taiwan, and 17 people, including Deputy Secretary-General Chen Lehui of Service Science Society of Taiwan, Professor Hsu Huimei from the Department of Business Education of National Kaohsiung Normal University, Assistant Professor Hung Yuwen from the Department of Information Management of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, students from the Institute of Information Management of National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, and people from the green energy biotechnology industry.


In order to promote the development of Taiwan's self-driving industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology has established Taiwan CAR Lab in Tainan since 2017. This test laboratory is indispensable for Taiwan's self-driving industry. The first half of the event was shared by Dr. Shieh Minglin, about the current development history of self-driving, the definition of the global automatic driving class, the relevant laws and regulations of self-driving in Taiwan, and the introduction of the test field, so that the participants could clearly understand the current situation of self-driving.


The second half of this activity is the actual experience of the self-driving vehicle test site, which provides the self-driving vehicle operators with a simulation of the actual road environment in Taiwan, helping them to get out of their laboratories and develop products that are closer to the safety and human needs. Through the introduction of the tour guide, we have a deeper understanding of the test site that we need to accept before the self-driving vehicle officially goes on the road. Through the actual site visit, participants can be integrated into the self-driving driving situation, which is helpful to generate innovative service concepts and stimulate innovative thinking in industry and academia.

The event " Smart Technology, Flipping Life-Industry Visit of Taiwan CAR Lab " came to a successful conclusion. On the whole, after actually participating in the Taiwan CAR Lab, I realized the importance of people-oriented. From the perspective of people, through different service innovations, we can bring great changes to the world. This concept coincides with the spirit of "Service Science can help+". I look forward to spreading the scientific spirit of service to more people and creating more possibilities for scientific application of service design services through rich and diverse activities in the future.