Value Innovation

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Kaohsiung New Bay Area cultural industry and community development


While the “Kaohsiung New Bay Area” was undergoing major construction, many old neighboring communities gradually declined due to lack of development. S3TW worked with a research team from National Sun Yat-sen University to implement the “Kaohsiung New Bay Area cultural industry and community development project.” National Sun Yat-sen University was used as a starting point to understand the current conditions and problems in each region, to find local highlights, and integrate the spirit of service science in the three main areas of Shaochuantou, Hamasen, and Yancheng District. We also considered how to extend current spaces, connect to existing activities, and promote the development of local cultural industries in accordance with overall strategies.

This project also received support from the Ministry of Education and National Sun Yat-sen University's interdisciplinary courses and excellence in teaching projects. We developed three unique attractions: the “Shaochuantou community exhibition space,” “Publication of stories and digital tours from old houses in Hamasen,” and “Pier2 connections: new residents tell old stories of Yancheng, Hamasen, and Shaochuantou.” This became a typical use case for service science.