Value Innovation

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Hsinchu Provincial Highway 3 living circle local practice projects.


S3TW collaborated with a research team from National Tsing Hua University and worked with local organizations such as the Neiwan Business District, the Hengshan Forum, and the Dashanbei Leisure Agriculture Association to transform the Hsinchu Provincial Highway 3 region, combining academic resources, local organizations and residents, and external resources to discover local values, connect service systems, and promote service innovations.

This project aimed to develop a sustainable, healthy, and diverse Hsinchu Provincial Highway 3 living circle and integrated awareness of local community residents to plan bus routes, develop Neiwan holiday markets and cultural village highlights, promote the Dashanbei Museum, and establish digital tour guide systems for rural villages. The service system of the Dashanbei Museum used a public welfare site as a service innovation platform to facilitate agricultural sustainability, low-carbon transportation, cultural tourism, and social innovations, setting a milestone for local implementation in service science.