Value Innovation

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Service Science local practice projects


To facilitate in-depth understanding of local conditions, S3TW established the North, Central, and South Region Service Science Alliances which use local teacher networks to connect to local industries and cultures, and implement local service design projects under our “local practice projects.” Local practice projects start with observations and exploration of local areas suitable for service design and innovation, for example local communities or industries (such as travel or culture) with highlights worthy of promotion. From 2011 to 2016, we implemented 71 local practice and academia-industry collaboration projects in areas including Maokong, Dadaocheng, and Hamasen. Local scholars and residents have long collaborated on projects featuring local highlights and stories such as for Dashanbei in Hsinchu Hengshan, “asking direction shops” in Hualien Fuyuan, and tobacco buildings in Hualien Fenglin. Service systems that generated additional benefits through utilization by locals were jointly established.