Talent Development

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Training to Teachers (T3) series in Service Innovation


Our “Service Innovation Training for Seed Teachers (T3) Series” was targeted towards teachers from universities and colleges. Our aim was to help teachers apply what they learned during our workshops in their lessons and industrial collaborations. This series hosted 7 workshops for 81 participants.

This course adhered to three methodologies: the S.E.E. (Service Experience Engineering) method developed by the Institute for Information Industry, the NSDB (Needs, Solution, Differentiation, and Benefits) framework developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and design thinking concepts developed by Stanford University. This course explored the complete process from service innovation to service realization, training participants to use models, methodologies, and tools for systematic design and development of service products.

Additionally, S3TW also developed instruction manuals for service design and observational teaching activities for our regional Service Science Alliances, using our teaching materials and social networks to advance service design education.