Emblem Design

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The top half of the emblem is shaped like Taiwan and is also reminiscent of an upward-flowing spring. The gentle blue and green lines represent the vitality and fluidity of water, while the white spaces between the lines represent a fusion of reality and virtuality and mutual utilization of advantages between service providers and recipients; the distance between the curved lines resembles a seamless tango and co-creation of constantly emerging service values.

The bottom half of the emblem looks like a Taiji symbol. It has been said that Taiji generates Two Modes, the Two Modes generate the Four Seasons, and the Four Seasons generate the Eight Trigrams. Services stem from sustainable development and are based upon human welfare, and establishment of service systems and service values may combine to form many different models, similar to the complexities exhibited by the Eight Trigrams.

Design and innovation of services are built upon the essences of life, which can be used to create rich and varied service types that realize the concept of “water-like services” where “The highest excellence is like that of water. Aim at absolute perfection.”