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This society is established in accordance with applicable law and is a non-profit organization. A member meeting is the highest decision-making body, and upon exceeding three hundred or more members, geographic member representatives may first be elected followed by a meeting where such representatives may exercise the rights of the members meeting. When a member (or members representatives) meeting is not in session, the board of governors shall on their behalf exercise decision making authority; the board of supervisors shall serve as the supervisory body.

The society has fifteen governors and five supervisors elected by the members (or member representatives), who shall respectively constitute a board of governors and boards of supervisors. The board of governors shall elect from among themselves five standing governors, and from among the standing governors-elect a chairman of the board of governors. The chairman of the board of governors shall supervise the society’s internal activities, represent the society externally, and shall chair members meetings and board of governors meetings. The board of supervisors shall select one standing supervisor from among themselves, who shall supervise the society’s regular activities and shall chair meetings of the board of supervisors.