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The 5th S3TW’s 1st council meetings and the Prospect Forum of Service Science Society Activities

The 5th S3TW’s 1st council meeting and the Prospect Forum of Service Science Society was held on January 11, 2019 at the GIS TAIPEI TECH Convention Center. The S3TW's President, Prof. Ting-Peng Liang, officiated the general meeting, and many members expressed their recognition of the progress of S3TW for the last year.

In the Prospect Forum, the keynote speaker Dr. Chih-Kung Li, the President of ITRI & III, gave a wonderful first seminar on the smart technology driving digital innovation services, which triggered a live response. The following panels discussed the development and position of service science. President Liang and the honorary President of the S3TW, Prof. Chin-Tay Shih, had a historic dialogue. Professor San-Yih Huang, Ja-Shen Chen and Jyun-Cheng Wang then presented a proposition of service science from academic, industrial and talent perspectives. After the break, the three panels for the innovation of industrial, social and talent went successfully, and all of the members and guests enjoyed a feast of knowledge in service science.


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