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The Service Science Society of Taiwan (S3TW) was founded in January 2011. The mission of the Society is to develop domestic service-science communities, consolidate the capacities of government, industry and academia; promote foundational work in service sciences and service innovation; enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s service sector; and advance social welfare and sustainable development.

Major tasks include developing service science communities, cultivating service-science talent, expanding the scope and depth of service-science-related research, and developing international academic cooperation, increasing global impact of Taiwan scholarship; stimulating cooperation and exchange among government, industry, and academic organizations; and enhancing the economic value of the service economy.

Led by a highly experienced executive team and motivated members and generously supported by the Sayling Wen Cultural and Education Foundation, S3TW regularly organizes many service-science-related activities. These include the International Conference on Service Science and Innovation (ICSSI), Forum on Service Science Research (FSSR), Taiwan Service Science Thesis/Dissertation Awards, the Global Exquisite Service Discovery (GESD) project, the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) project, and various industry-academia collaborative projects. The objectives of these activities are to achieve the Society’s mission and goals, to extend its impact on society, and to create a globally competitive service sector that will help move Taiwan into a prosperous and sustainable future.

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